Steel Plate Alternatives Vs Civil Safety Products LowPro Trench Covers & Safegate Barrier

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Australian Civil Safety Solutions and Equipment are our forte, and our latest published article features comparative data to help our readers understand the benefits of using our LowPro Temporary Trench Covers, rather than the heavy and cumbersome Steel Plate alternatives that some industries still use. 

Why are our safety pot hole, ditch, trip hazard and driveway boards so popular?  Because they’re lightweight, easy to deploy without heavy lifting equipment and machinery, and they are easy to see… 

 Here’s a snippet of what our Trenchless article covers:

‘The comparable data (1) of our three CSP LowPro Trench sizes shows the difference.  The 1,125 mm by 1,125 mm LowPro 11/11 weighs just 26 kg and has a load capacity of 500 kg;  a 20 mm steel plate of the same size weighs in at 200 kg.  The 1,200 mm by 800 mm LowPro 12/8 weighs 17 kg with load capacity of 2 Tonne distributed weight, compared with the 151 kg steel plate equivalent, and the 42 kg 1,500 mm by 1,000 mm LowPro with the load capacity to support one wheel of a vehicle up to 3.5 Tonne or 400 kg pedestrian weight, compared with the 236 kg steel plate equivalent.
“Our most popular trench cover is the LowPro 12/8,” says Mr Neil Cuthbert from Civil Safety Products.  “Its innovative flexi-edge allows safe installation and protection over trip hazards, pedestrian walkway concrete damage areas, and small pits.  It’s no slouch in area capacity either, as it is specifically designed to cover a 700 mm trench.  The LowPro 15/10 will safely span a hole measuring up to 900 mm by 1,200 mm – and they’re shock resistant.”
Temporary trench covers also vary in durability, so Civil Safety Products says there is wisdom in being wary of cheap alternatives. Oxford Plastic products are gaining in popularity, proven to be reliable, sturdy and practical, and doing well when Work Health and Safety compliance is concerned.’

(1. Steel plate weight data sourced from, based on steel density of 7,850m3)

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AND REMEMBER – Our LowPro Covers are entirely reusable, and can be stacked, stored and transported by no more than two people and a ute!   




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