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Composite Road Plates in Australia are available from CSP.  Designed in the UK, they’re a huge hit all over the world!

Utility Contractors have found a cost-effective and safer way to cover trenches – enter the easy-to-use and install Composite Road Plate manufactured by Oxford Plastics, and distributed by Civil Safety Products in Australia.

US Company, Anchor Constructions’ Vice President, Dan Buckley, calls the LowPro 23/05 Road Plate “Pure money”.

And where does his opinion come from?

Dan Buckley says:

“I gain anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes more a day because I’m not having to use my excavator or boom trucks to lift the usual (road works) steel plates to get them in place.”

Due to its modular design, this superior Composite Road Plate (available from Civil Safety Products in Australia) is light enough to be installed by just two people – and no heavy lifting equipment is required.

Contractors can truly save time and money with the composite road plates compared to steel plates.

Buckley says, “There’s no hot or cold asphalt mix on the edges as these (plates have) tapered edges.”   This eliminates yet another cost when using these high-quality trench covers.  Additionally, the tapered edges provide excellent grip to the road surface below.

Use our Road Plates and eradicate noise complaints as well

The LowPro Road Plate has anti-skid and sound dampening edges which means no ‘clanging’ or ‘banging’ as vehicles traverse over them.   You can reduce the prospect of noise liability claims by using a product that was designed to be fit-for-purpose, and is also compliant with Australian Standards.  The LowPro Road Plate is easy to secure with recessed bolt holes and lateral lock pins that sit within the trench to stop lateral movement, they’re easy to stack and transport, and the need for traffic management personnel is significantly reduced when it comes to installation and removal.

Please Note:  Our Civil Safety Products Road Plates are also approved for use by Road Authority bodies throughout Australia – including VicRoads (Victoria), Roads and Maritime Services (NSW), Transport and Main Roads (QLD), Main Roads (WA), and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI – South Australia).

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Neil Cuthbert, Managing Director of Civil Safety Products maintains, “We have seen time and again that Australian contractors prefer to use our modular road plates in suburban areas, and particularly where traffic restrictions and space issues exist.  Their composite nature also negates the kinds of historical steel road plate orientated noise complaints that roadworks companies generally have to deal with.  The LowPro range we distribute creates better site safety and compliance conditions.  It’s not just the contractors that are happy with our products – it’s the nearby residents and property owners as well.  It’s all win-win with Civil Safety Products.”


The LowPro 23/05 Road Plate (from Civil Safety Products in Australia) covers trenches up to 1200mm in length and is suitable for 44T vehicles to drive over.

As part of our LowPro range, there’s a trench cover solution to suit your needs.

Our quality Composite Trench Cover Designs have specific purpose-driven capacities to span trenches on footpaths, driveways and specific trenches up to 1200mm – all manufactured in the UK by Oxford Plastics.


Civil Safety Products – Who are we and why should you trust us?

Civil Safety Products Pty. Ltd. is a Registered Australian Company, established in 2014.  Our company is owned by Construction Industry Experts who understand, first-hand, the needs and growing concerns surrounding WHS/OHS compliance.  In answer to sub-standard worksite safety barriers and trench covers flooding the market (in Australia and New Zealand) we provide a suite of products that are lightweight, sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and interactive.  And the best thing is, they’ll save you money, stress and give you assurance that Australian roadworks authorities have designated our Australian Road Plates compliant and easy to install.


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Watch this video and hear why Dave Balkan (CEO of New York’s largest sewer and water main contractors) recommends our Composite Road Plates.


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LowPro Trench Covers – Lightweight, High Quality Temporary Safety Solutions from Civil Safety Products in Victoria


Civil Safety Products

Leading the way in Australian Civil Safety Solutions and Equipment. 

Our LowPro Covers:

  • Come in three different sizes
  •  Are reusable
  •  Can be stacked, stored and transported, and
  •  Require manpower of only two people and a ute!




Our high visibility safety Trench Covers are solid, with a glass-reinforced high quality composition, and the LowPro 12/8 and 15/10 have replaceable and flexible edges for a firmer fit. 

Weighing no more than 42kg (for the larger version), choose from the three available models, and feel assured that the UK designed and manufactured products come with compliance to AS3996 and the WHS Act (2012).

Traffic management and worksite safety situations demand robust equipment that will withstand inopportune movement and carry the specified weight.

The beauty of the LowPro range is that they provide stability, without bolting, and you’ll find the LowPro 12/8 and LowPro 15/10 have been designed with in-built gas vents and probe holes as well.  With a load rating of 3.5 Tonne, the LowPro 15/10 is tough enough to withstand considerable weight too.

Our Civil Safety Products LowPro range is suitable for a wide range of situations, for example:
• Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Cleaning companies use them to address temporary holes in floors and damaged tile or pavement areas
• Civil and Construction site workers position them to cover safety hazard holes, small pits and various other no-go zones – such as Mining, Telcoms, Gas, Water and Electrical companies might encounter
• Residential Home Builders use them for temporary driveway access where a crossover may have been removed, damaged, or is yet to be constructed
• Commercial Builders may use them to cover areas where concrete cutting has occurred, and prior to replacement pouring
• Schools can protect all in-house and visiting persons from dangerous trip and fall spots, and
• Shire Council workers put them in place to ensure any ground works in-progress have a bright yellow, flat safety cover that unmistakably says ‘beware’ – keeping pedestrians and workers safe.


CALL US at Civil Safety Products for LowPro 11/11, LowPro 12/8 and LowPro 15/10 Temporary Trench, Pot Hole & Driveway Board Covers.

They’re simple, quick and effective safety solutions with multiple applications for onsite and public safety.


“At Civil Safety Products we have Trench Covers and Road Plates (for broader trenches) for a variety of applications, and we’re more than happy to provide advice, and site visits if required (in some situations) to ensure you get the best possible solutions to meet your necessary site safety obligations.  There is never any reason to compromise on safety or compliance, and we can equip you with both of these vital elements when you’re planning your next construction project.  We’re here to supply what you need, quickly and efficiently, and help you reduce your onsite risk for workers, and extended risk factors that may be an issue for passing traffic and pedestrians.”  Neil Cuthbert, Civil Safety Products, Australia




Stock Available with Australia-wide delivery to your worksite, retail store, school, warehouse or head office.


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