Civil Safety Products in Victoria stocks modular, easy-lift Safegate Barrier Systems, as Australia’s Leading Distributor of Oxford Plastic Systems.

Our high visibility safety barriers are hinged with four separate sides, that can be reconfigured to be a three-sided safety measure, or a straight line protection border as well.  At a weight of only 2kg per individual barrier (10kg per full unit), they’re perfect for quick safety solution situations across multiple industries.

For example:
• Retail Stores, Supermarkets and Cleaning companies use them to address temporary wet areas, or food spills
• Civil and Construction sites deploy them for safety hazard holes, small pits and various other no-go zones – such as Mining, Telcoms, Gas, Water and Electrical companies might encounter
• Event Management companies roll them out where temporary restriction of pedestrian access is required
• Warehouse Distribution Centres and Logistics companies block warehouse aisles where pallets may be temporarily stacked above recommended levels, and where forklifts and personnel need to either proceed with caution, or stay away for WHS safety reasons
• Schools can protect and screen students from danger zones and trip and fall spots, and
• Shire Council workers put them in place to ensure any works in progress have a bright safety barrier that unmistakably says ‘beware’.

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The beauty of our modular barrier is that it can be configured in a straight, open-sided, square, rectangular or triangular line.  Whilst a single unit purchase is useful, there is much to be gained from purchasing several safety barrier barriers as a collective, as each individual ‘safegate’ system has double-sided hinge mechanisms that quickly clip together.  They also have integral locking clamps to aid stability particularly for straight sections. 
The Safegate Barrier folds flat-pack style for simple transportation in a station wagon, SUV, ute or similar, and can be stacked for storage as well, to minimise storage space requirements.

Designed and Patented in the UK, the Safegate System is made from HDPE and is 100% Recyclable.


“These barriers are not meant for permanent placement in a safety situation, but they are a fantastic solution when an immediate barrier needs to put in place.   Australian supermarkets have particularly taken to them after having been sued countless times by shoppers who have slipped and fallen in-store.  Where a bright yellow cone has usually been deployed in the past, our barriers can be moved into place, around the entire slip zone in no time, so that the relevant personnel can have a little extra time to get to the safety issue and fix it properly.  The barriers don’t pose a risk of injury, nor will they be unduly harmed if accidently knocked by trolleys, small children, or those who are visually or otherwise physically impaired.  Their flexibility to cover various areas means that large and small spills will be highly visible and protected as a safety hazard zone.”  Civil Safety Products, Australia


Worksite areas need protecting.  The picture at right was a site left by Civil personnel over a lunch break.  The ineffective mess that it was left in is an obvious OHS/WHS hazard.  A Safegate Barrier system could have been quickly and easily deployed, making for safety and high visibility in the interim.


Stock is currently available and Australia-wide delivery can be arranged to your worksite, retail store, school, warehouse or facility without delay.  CONTACT US


At Civil Safety Products, we’re the compliance experts when it comes to the importance of Construction WorkSafe Procedures, WHS Compliance, and Retail Safety issues.


There’s a civil safety solution in our Commercial-Grade, Australian Standard Safety Products to suit almost any situation at Civil Safety Products – and we invite you to see our full range in our downloadable Products Brochure.

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