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Which Trench Covers do I need?

At Civil Safety Products in Australia, we take our commitment to keeping construction sites safe very seriously.  Trench Covers are essential for maintaining accessibility to particular areas whilst you work – so it’s important to get it right, and ensure that you source the appropriate safety products for your company’s needs.
On a construction site your trench and safety cover usage will obviously vary according to the site, and, where Trench Covers are concerned, there are certain fulfilment requirements that need careful consideration before placing your order with us at CSP.  These important factors may include:

What size trench are you covering?

An obvious one, perhaps – but it’s wise to make sure that the Civil Safety Products Trench Covers you buy are large enough to safely cover the hole or holes.  Our LowPro® Trench Cover range includes options suitable for between 200mm to 1200mm wide trenches (depending on your needs).


Calculate the appropriate weight bearing allowance for your Trench Covers

Does your Trench Cover need to support heavy vehicles, general road traffic, or just passing pedestrians?  We offer several solutions.
Read the specifications of each of our CSP Trench Covers (below) to select those that can support either 3.5 tonne vehicles, 2 tonne vehicles, and/or motor scooters of up to 350kg.


Product Description and Specifications for LowPro 12/8
Product Description and Specifications for LowPro 15/10
Product Description and Specifications for LowPro 11/11
Product Description and Specifications for LowPro Safe Cover 12/8
Product Description and Specifications for LowPro Safe Cover 16/12
Product Description and Specifications for Road Plate 23/05
Product Description and Specifications for Road Plate 15/05

Composite Trench Covers Vs Steel Plates – Our Composite Products Win Hands-down

All of the Trench Covers in our LowPro® range are composite and formed using environmentally friendly practises – which means they’re lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and lay into position.  CSP’s Trench Covers are designed and manufactured with construction workers in mind, so they all weigh between 13 and 33kg – without compromising on strength.  They can therefore be positioned quickly by just two people, and without the need for specialist lifting equipment – making setting up or clearing a construction site easier, more cost-effective and time-efficient for your team.

Health & Safety are CSP Priorities at every stage

Our Trench Covers, designed and manufactured in the UK by Oxford Plastics, come with a range of high-quality features, such as anti-slip and anti-trip technology.  Naturally the anti-slip features ensure that the boards remain firmly in place.

They’re also compliant with Australian Standards 3996 and 1428.

Reduce Your Risk With Civil Safety Products

There is no compromise on quality at Civil Safety Products, and that’s why we’ve established an Australia-wide reputation for stocking and distributing the most sought-after, premium products that outsell and undeniably outlast cheap imports.

Weigh up the benefits in our table below

To help summarise the above, we’ve created a handy infographic to help you quickly identify which of our CSP Trench Covers are best-fit solutions for you.


CSP Trench Covers Guide PDF

Use our Trench Cover Guide to choose the correct option, and contact us to place your order today.


Please Note: Our Civil Safety Products Road Plates are also approved for use by Road Authority bodies throughout Australia – including VicRoads (Victoria), Roads and Maritime Services (NSW), Transport and Main Roads (QLD), Main Roads (WA), and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI – South Australia).

Reducing your risk and providing AS product options to keep your company’s worksite safe, no matter what industry you work in, is our primary goal at Civil Safety Products.









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