Composite Road Plates from Civil Safety Products – Whisper Quiet, Reusable and Affordable Quality

The new Composite Trench Cover and Composite Road Plate products, designed and manufactured by Oxford Plastics in the UK, are a quiet alternative to the loud, clanging steel plates that are commonly used on civil construction worksites and roadways.

Noise pollution is a pertinent issue for construction, public works and utility companies in cities throughout Australia.  Because of this, disruptive works are often limited to day-time hours – but the annoying metal clanging noises don’t stop at the end of the day.  Steel plates, used on worksites to cover trenches and hazardous areas, spread discontentment and cause complaints amongst residents and local governments as they’re loud both day and night – whenever vehicles drive over them.

Now contractors can say goodbye to the clang of steel plates by using Civil Safety Products’ composite LowPro Road Plate.  The Civil Safety Products Plate has none of these problems as it is virtually silent through all processes – from installation, during worksite placement, and through to being dismantled.

In addition to lowering noise pollution, our Composite Road Plates provide a cheaper alternative to steel plates as they require no heavy lifting equipment, no expensive and time-consuming transportation, no extended traffic management hours, and no asphalt cold mix.  They’re also easily stored in a stillage and they pose far fewer safety risks to operators.

Civil Safety Products’ Road Plate is made from several modules – or inner sections – that clip together and adapt to the bumps and angles of the road.  The innovative drop pins in this advanced product sink into the trench to prevent lateral movement caused by overhead traffic.  In simple terms, once the composite Road Plate is properly installed it will not bounce or move out of place.

Steel plates, as they are made from one flat sheet, do not adapt to cambers in the road.  Subsequently, they are prone to rock and bang against the asphalt.  The steel can even rock from side to side if it is not adequately installed, exposing the trench underneath.

Avoid loud steel plates entirely by using the Composite Road Plate.


So what are the benefits?

  • The Civil Safety Products Road Plate is shaped like a large speed bump and comes with ramped rubber edges.  This allows vehicles to smoothly and silently drive over the cover as the rubber edges absorb noise and vibrations.  Road works and street works contractors who frequently receive noise complaints can therefore continue working without this problem.
  • The Civil Safety Products Road Plate covers 1200mm wide trenches and takes the weight of a 44 tonne vehicle, meaning that it can be used in residential or commercial high traffic areas.
  • The natural slope of the composite plate and high-vis yellow design looks and acts like a speed bump to slow traffic down
  • Worksites remain safer and quieter, and residents can sleep again at night
  • This modular LowPro Road Plate solution can be clipped together until the desired width is achieved to cover the trench
  • The Civil Safety Products Road Plate is also part of the composite trench cover range, this includes options for 200mm to 1200mm
  • All products in the range are manufactured to Australian Standards in the UK by Oxford Plastic Systems

Reduce your risk and your worksite costs also with these added benefits:

  •  No heavy lifting equipment is required – easy two person lift and installation process, and safer to manoeuvre (particularly in comparison to steel plates)
  •  Traffic management issues are reduced significantly
  •  No asphalt cold mixing to the edges, and they’re
  •  Easy to transport and store – 15 metres of plates can be carried on one ute and plates may be stacked for storage.

Please Note:  Our Civil Safety Products Road Plates are also approved for use by Road Authority bodies throughout Australia – including VicRoads (Victoria), Roads and Maritime Services (NSW), Transport and Main Roads (QLD), Main Roads (WA), and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI – South Australia).


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