Safegate Barrier in the Telecommunications Sector – Video

The SafeGate Barrier from Civil Safety Products

Telecommunications barriers are essential to protect both workers and passing pedestrians, especially in streetworks situations.

Pits are opened and often left as exposed holes – get quality and highly visible safety barriers from CSP.  They’re easy to transport, stackable, able to be used in various shape forms, and connectable.

What’s more, they can be erected by one person, and configured with connecting click-operation clamps to suit the space you need to screen or protect.

These barriers are also useful in warehouses, around manholes and temporary excavations, able to be used to screen off spills, and easily positioned where cable laying is taking place.

See our Quality SafeGate Barriers in the video below.







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CSP also stocks a more robust barrier system, from Oxford Plastic Systems.  The Avalon Barrier can be used for applications requiring a more heavy-duty barrier in the workplace.  Ask us about the Avalon Barrier TODAY.




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See our SafeGate Barrier Product Page

Available now from CSP.







Civil Safety Products

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Civil Safety Products has other high-quality solutions for safety onsite – such as temporary ground protection mats, wheelchair access ramps, trench covers, road plates & more.

We’re Oxford Plastic Systems’ KEY AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR of superior-quality, UK Manufactured safety equipment.

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