Civil Safety Products has the unique and compliant safety solutions you need to protect your workers, pedestrians and the public from trips, falls, and unnecessary harm, whilst your civil and/or construction project, or event, is in-progress.  Our products are lightweight, modular, eco-friendly and strong, and were featured at the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association Expo in October.

Cover open pits and trenches with our Trench Covers, Road Plates and Temporary Manhole Covers, or ensure that those with wheelchair ramp access restrictions can safely traverse to an even surface.

There’s a civil safety solution in our Commercial-Grade, Australian Standard Safety Products to suit almost any situation – and we invite you to FIND OUT MORE about our range on our website Products Page.

And, if there’s something you’re not sure about, regarding the purpose and application suitability of our Civil Safety Products on your job site, CALL US TODAY, and we’ll give you the right advice, information about how you can place your order, and get you on your way to compliance with the best Civil Safety Solutions for the Australian Market.

Recently Civil Safety Products, Australia’s Leading Distributor for Oxford Plastic Systems,

was featured in an article for Trenchless Australasia (June 2017).

It focuses on one of our products


Here’s what we had to say:

Safety First

Civil Safety Products specialises in innovative safety products and is a distributor of the Oxford Plastics’ Road Plate 15/05, which is the perfect solution to covering dangerous areas of exposed ground on jobsites.

A: Weighing only 42 kg, each Road Plate 15/05 can be easily lifted by two people.

Oxford Plastics’ Road Plate 15/05, available in Australia and New Zealand through Civil Safety Products, in Victoria, is a lightweight and long-lasting alternative to steel plates, or backfilling and re-digging.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, it is a modular system that features individual units that can be linked together to an unlimited length.

The Road Plate 15/05 only weighs 42 kg a piece, so it can be installed with a two-person lift, removing the need for expensive and specialist lifting equipment.  This complies with National, best working practices, and also saves time and money – allowing jobs to be finished on-time and on-budget.

The Road Plate’s anti-slip surface provides secure pedestrian access, and the innovative flexible edge dampens any unwanted sounds.  It also moulds to the camber of the road.  The plate is ideal in residential areas as it makes little noise compared to steel plates; however, it must be bolted for carriageway use at each end.

The Road Plate 15/05 has the ability to cover openings of up to 700 mm wide, and handle weights up to 44 tonne, making it ideal for use in the Utility, Civil and Construction work sectors.  The Road Plate has been approved for use across Australia and New Zealand.  Local Government and Local Councils have also found the Civil Safety Products distributed Road Plate 15/05 to be an asset worth having, with the product already successfully in use on various maintenance jobs across both countries.

Oxford Plastics’ Road Plate 15/05 is widely distributed by Civil Safety Products (an Australian company, owned and operated by Civil, Construction and Commercial Builders with three generations of exemplary construction experience).  With their extensive knowledge and experience, CSP provides intelligent products that improve safety, reduce inefficiency, and control costs in Civil Construction, Telecommunications, Road Works and Local Government projects.

Civil Safety Products was established in 2014, and to this day, their mandate is to provide reliable products that meet increasing safety demands on worksites, enhance the capabilities of disability access (via the likes of wheelchair ramps), and produce advanced performance outcomes.

B: The Road Plate 15/05 can withstand weight of up to 44 tonne over a 700 mm wide opening.


  • Modular, Composite Road Plate System
  • Tested to vehicle weight of 44 tonne over a 700 mm wide opening
  • Easily lifted by two people
  • Moulded anti-slip surface
  • Drop pin increases stability
  • Heavy-duty pieces link for secure locking
  • Refurbishment service available
  • Slows traffic for increased safety
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

To download the full Road Plate Product Guide, installation instructions and/or further information, visit the Road Plate 15/05 Product Page at

(Article reproduction courtesy of Trenchless Australasia – June 2017)

At Civil Safety Products, in Victoria, we stock Trench Covers, Temporary Manhole Covers, Road Plates, Portable Wheelchair Access Ramps / Disabled Access Ramps, Pedestrian Safety Measures, Kerb Ramps / Gutter Ramps, Safety Barriers, Streetworks Covers, and more.


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